Simplifying Healthcare

Advanced Surgical Centers are established to provide a superior patient experience in Los Angeles & Orange County as we offer patients the most advanced & efficient diagnostic & treatment facilities, all while being looked after by our expert physicians & highly skilled staff to promote your well-being & recovery.

1. Diagnosis Consultation

ASC provides access to the best physicians across Los Angeles & Orange County. We will get you scheduled for a consultation with the suitable specialist at the location most convenient to you.

2. Treatment

Once our experts diagnose your condition, your treatment program begins. If your condition requires surgery, we will schedule it for you at one of our state of the art facilities.

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Our physicians’ expertise is unparalleled, setting the highest standards for a superior patient experience.

Minimal Scaring

Due to tiny incisions performed using da Vinci surgical system we achieve the highest precision levels eliminating unnecessary scarring.


We take pride in utilizing the most advanced minimally invasive surgical technology using the da Vinci robotic system.

Patient Care

From the moment you call us, we take care of everything from completing the paperwork to dealing with your insurance and following up with you after the procedure.

Quick Recovery

The minimally invasive technology significantly reduces the time needed for recovery.


Our expert physicians cover Los Angeles and Orange County areas in addition to our state of the art surgery centers.


Our physicians’ clinics cover Los Angeles & Orange County areas. Please give us a call or fill out the consultation form, & we will be happy to schedule you for a consultation visit at the location most convenient to you.


Advanced Surgical Centers Team

At ASC we are committed to providing you with a superior patient experience from the moment you reach out to us.


We start with physician consultation, patient education, and medical & insurance clearance.


Our expert surgeons utilize the most advanced methods to ensure the safety & success of your procedure.


We follow up with you after your procedure to ensure your healing & recovery is successful.